Nate's Tumble Log

Jan 24



I know a lot of people who want to start some kind of business or project. But they start big and never finish

Nov 07

Skip Class -

We often go to class or get corporate jobs because we think that’s where we’ll be taught.

Oct 24

No one listens to me -

And how you can change that in 2 hours a week.

Oct 17

I don’t have any connections -

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

Oct 08

theampm -

A nice way of writing Time objects in Ruby - am/pm methods

Oct 01

David and Goliath -

Gladwell’s new book is out today with plenty of inspiration for people fighting their own giants

Sep 30

Grunt Work -

What a low-paying job taught me about my business.

Sep 24

“Does that help?”

Sep 18

What Did You Just Say? community -

Thoughts On The Art Of Repeating Yourself

Sep 17

Draft Announcements: Hemingway Mode, Word/Google Docs Support, Kindle Export, and more.