Nate's Tumble Log

Jul 29

Why are some people so much luckier than others? -

How does a guy without any acting experience and who hates talking in front of people land a well connected Hollywood agent to jump start his career? Luck?

Jul 24

Now That I've Created Something, How Do I Spread It? -

Some great lessons from Benjamin Franklin and Product Hunt.

Jul 10

What are you drawing, Lily? -

Stories of a terrible idea, a band that sucked, and watching my young nieces try to make things.

Jun 26

The Right Questions Can Get You On PGA Tour, Or Talk With Tim Ferriss

Jun 17

Dots -

We all have something to say and someone’s attention we want. But our resumes and cover letters, or the websites we create to sell our products, most of it sounds the same as everyone else. No one notices, as we look like out of context dots in a children’s puzzle.

Jun 10

How can I find someone to help me?

We waste a lot of time waiting for others to give us chances.

May 27

How to get business ideas - remove steps

Everything good has already been done.

Business idea inspiration from @OXO, @StuffNMallows & @ForDummies

Jan 24



I know a lot of people who want to start some kind of business or project. But they start big and never finish

Nov 07

Skip Class -

We often go to class or get corporate jobs because we think that’s where we’ll be taught.

Oct 24

No one listens to me -

And how you can change that in 2 hours a week.